Consider taking off your mask

Hold up - let me clarify. If you have a deep pore cleansing masque on, or some wonderful skin care masque of any sorts - that you may leave on my friend, and let it do it's magic!

I am a big fan of taking care of your skin with healthy good ingredients, and I always promote washing your face daily.  Everyone needs a good facial masque now and then, 1-2 times a week actually.  (My fave is a GenM Clay Masque - you can ask me about it later if you want, but I love it for busy people like me who don't have the normal 30 minutes to wander around and let a darn masque dry - GenM dries quickly, tingles and refreshes my skin delightfully - so skin care junkies - leave that masque on and enjoy your me time!)  However - there is another type mask that serves us no purpose.

Back to the story....

The kind of MASK I am talking about is the one most of us wear daily on the outside.  It's fake, it's false. It shields us. Protects us - or so we think. 

The one we hide behind and say things like "Im good. I'm fine" when someone asks how we are, instead of being vulnerable, authentic and real. You may say fine, but you are screaming inside "it's not fine - anything BUT fine!"  

This mask says things like "I can't do it, Im not cut out for it, they wouldn't like me if they really knew me...blah blah blah - the mask always seems to speak a negative thought."

Why is it hard to be real and lay the mask aside? Why do we sometimes feel safer just putting up a front and keeping it all in?

Someone out there needs freedom from that darn mask - freedom to be you and be ok with it - freedom to know that you are lovely, flaws and all, and deserving to be loved. Freedom to know that you are forgiven. Freedom to know that you are freaking awesome.

People may let us down, but there is one who we can confide in, who already knows your heart, your thoughts and exactly what you need. Remind yourself of this and simply ask for help.

Why DO we put on a mask anyway?  Maybe to be perceived as something we are not, or something we want to be, maybe we are hiding from something, are hurting, insecure, fearful ..the list could go on and on as to the WHY.

Wearing a mask serves no purpose for your amazing life. 

My hope for you is that you can find peace in being you and let your light shine. There is no other you in this world. NONE. Remind yourself of this often.

ps - a new site is coming soon with lots of inspiration, motivation, love and laughs to help us women stick together.   

another ps - if you really have that facial masque on - it's probably time to rinse now. :)