Silence isn't always a bad thing

Silence isn't always a bad thing

I know some people who think if you don't respond immediately to something you are either a) not interested b) don't care or c) all of the above. I don't agree - silence isn't always a bad thing.

"Silence is Golden" - a noble saying I remember playing long ago on the screens of the local movie theater just before the show started - now of course, they have cool sound effects, phones ringing, a baby crying and insanity starts to set in as they remind you to shhhhh - remain silent during the film.

Silence can be golden, and more so outside the walls of the movie theater.

Im not saying in all instances to be silent, communication is highly important, but I am saying there are times the only thing you can be is silent.

Recent news this past week of not one, but 2 people's unexpected deaths made me silent. Both too young. Both passed from the same cause. Neither new each other. Both spouses names are Amy, both leave children and wives behind.  SILENCE.  

Sometimes we don't understand life or why, what or how, for that matter.  In times of personal silence -  amazing things can happen.

Clarity can be given. Healing take place. Dreams inspired. Prayers for those affected can be raised and in silence we can lift those up for peace and comfort because that's all we know how to do at the time.

Silence is not always a bad thing.  In all reality - if you let a little silence in your own life - you might find peace yourself, clarity in a situation, a tug to do something kind for another, take a new path, or maybe someone comes to mind for you to send a text to or say a silent prayer for.

In this day of technology and busyness everywhere - silence can be a welcome relief. Turn off the TV, the cell phone, the computer, the house chatter and remove  yourself to a silent place and sit, mediate or ponder. Stay as long as necessary. Embrace silence until it becomes golden.

Realize that life is made up of moments. In a moment you were born. If married - it was in a moment that you were married.  If you have children - in a moment they were born.  And even in death - it is but a moment. True living happens beyond this earth - if you are still here on this earth - may every moment count for you. May we embrace all that is truly important to us. May we show love, forgiveness and gratitude with each passing day.