The day I became a wimp

You would think it would be a day like the day I delivered my children into the world, or some major event.

No - the day I became a wimp was all focused around a tooth ache and in all reality, was more like the month I became a wimp!

Yep - a simple (laughing that I would choose the word simple here) tooth ache that took it out of me - enough to the point that I could have murmured a cuss word, but didn't, which by the way - you may see one every now and then from me, something like "I am a bad ass" or I came up with the blog title of "Still trying to figure out what the hell you're doing with your life?" of which I haven't used yet but I may get the guts to actually put it out there because Im sure it relates to a lot of folks.

If you don't know me, if a cuss word comes from my lips, it's more considered comedy hour at my house, used for humor.

Let me give you an example - like the day my daughter came home on break from Australia - I bought a "Hells Yeah" Balloon that I was proud of. It didn't make it's way to the airport because a family member thought it highly inappropriate, but I wanted to let it fly high in the sky because that's how joyous I was that she was home.  

Anyway - So this "simple" tooth ache took the wind out of my sails. It messed with my positive mindset week after week, to the point Im sure my family was thinking pull thedarn thing! (see I could have said the real word there in my comedic mind - ok if I was speaking that sentence at home it would have been the other word, but either way you get the point.) 

What did I take from weeks of misery (and you can laugh if you want and call me a real wimp - I know it was just a tooth ache, but if you ask me - the worst kind of pain is associated with simple things sometimes.Deep meaning could be applied to that last sentence if you didn't pick up on it - the worst kind of pain is associated with simple things sometimes - maybe that's another topic for another day.

When life did return to somewhat near what it was before (it's still not 100% right) but even then, you celebrate! You rejoice in what you have, had or are working towards. You appreciate simple things like a tooth that bites, chews and doesn't cause you crazy pain. You appreciate food you can eat and all kinds of silly, simple things. You appreciate that there are people in the world who even know what they're doing to fix teeth to this degree. (Thank you dentists, nurses and doctors of the world who are there when you really need them.)

So toothache or no - what do you appreciate today? Feel free to list some simple things below, and just another reminder that there's always someone who has it worse than you - TRY to appreciate every single thing you can, even when you don't feel like it.