Self Sabotage - I can..I can't

Self Sabotage - a simplistic word, yet really a big, bad, ugly word worthy of destruction. Is this some inner beast - an enemy within that sets out to ruin our life?  Well - you might say that's a little drastic, but then again.... you could totally say that! Self Sabotaging moments usually start as negative thoughts first, thoughts that can cause complete destruction if you don't get them under control and realize their power.

Hey don't feel bad - everyone has done it at some point - intentionally or not, some just more than others... some a LOT more than others.  

From straight out procrastination setting in, to letting FEAR and doubt take over; it holds us captive if we allow it.  All these little things lead us slowly down the path to failure, or at least the thought of quitting and giving up on a dream or a specific task which ends in the same place - failure.

I do hate that little 4 letter word - FEAR - it halts so many people and robs them of success, some before they even start; and you realize that FEAR and FAITH are opposites, they  can never both truly exists at the same time. 

Self Sabotage - it's quite a complex process, not a quick little act, as you might think. It starts with a thought - and that leads to more thoughts.  Not the kind you would want - but the kind we sometimes have "Am I worthy?" "Will this work for me" "Who am I kidding"  " I can't do this" 

A few Types of Self Sabotage:

FEAR of Failure | of Taking Risks | of Making Mistakes | of not being worthy

Worry | Comparing ourselves to others | Limiting Beliefs | Can't say NO

While all play a negative roll if we let it - Fear and Self Limiting thoughts warrant special attention.

On FEAR - I say feel the fear, it will be there anyway - but walk through it and conquer it. It goes away only when we make it by our ACTION. Take action daily and fear will take a back seat.

Self Limiting Thoughts - You know the ones "Im too busy - this won't work for me - Im not good enough, pretty enough, slim enough, whatever enough - I just cant do this"

What you say and believe - you will achieve.  Think about that and change what you say to yourself.

What to do? First identify where these limiting beliefs slip in. SHUT THEM DOWN. TURN THEM OFF.  Replace it with a positive statement.  Example " I can't do this" Say this instead:  "I absolutely CAN do this and I WILL do this"

As you start to not listen to your self sabotaging thoughts, surround yourself with positive people. Take action toward your dreams. Take captive every thought and process in its positive equivalent. 

You got this! You CAN do anything you set your mind and work towards. Wishing you much success because you CAN and because you DESERVE it.