Be Unoffendable

Being unoffendable is a big bold statement - but wouldn't it be great if we could strive for that mentality.

What IF we could be unoffendable in everyday life. Ya know -  take the high road, walk away, be the bigger man or woman, shake it off, let it roll off, put anger, resentment and frustrations aside and forget about it.  (I'm imaging those last 3 words "Forget about it" spoken in a strong Jersey accent - it sounds more exciting that way, so go there with me.)

I know it would be hard and would take effort, but even if we didn't succeed, Im pretty sure it would help our stress level to not get so worked up, especially on the things that don't really matter.

Something to think about - whatever you are dealing with that has you worked up - pause and ponder past, present and future and think about it - 10 years from now is what you are dealing with NOW going to matter or be a big deal? If no - try letting it go.

Let someone else be right even if you know you are. Say you are sorry even if it's not your fault - I know you may not agree and I could easily argue different points as well - but we are going for unoffendable here remember - so let it go.

Being unoffendable means you are unlikely to take offense. Incapable of being offended.

Although you may not agree with someone, their views, beliefs or mannerisms, don't take it personal. Instead realize you have a choice in every situation how you act or respond - make your momma proud.

Learn to have a sense of humor, check your emotions, detach yourself personally from the outcome and go for becoming unoffendable.

Abraham Lincoln said it best, "We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it."