Soar like an Eagle

Soar like an Eagle. Eagle eye. The Eagle has landed. The Eagle has left the nest - ok you get it, I can stop now. There are plenty of iconic comparisons and great attributes and sayings we can take from this majestic bird and apply in our own life.

The Eagle is a living symbol of freedom, power and majesty. What can we learn from the mighty Eagle?

  • Sharp, Clear Vision - The eagles vision is unusual. It is focused and clear. It sees in more basic colors than humans. What can we learn?  Choose to see the bigger picture in your life, not worry about the day to day issues. Think long term, big thinking, instead of irrational emotional ups and downs that will wear you down.

Trust - The eagle has a series of events that it tests a mate, and once the mate is chosen, they remain mates for life.  Oh how sweet. Actually we could totally use this for a topic on marriage that I agree with - marriage is life commitment and a choice, but lets instead just go for the simple fact of TRUST. Are you trustworthy in your relationships and business?

Eagles love a storm - The eagles loves a great storm. It uses it to soar higher. Instead of avoiding the storm, it flies into it and soars above it, where there is a renewed perspective. Everyone could use renewed perspective, and there is peace in knowing that even in the midst of a storm, we will survive and often learn something worthy of sharing from it. 

Eagles don't hang with turkeys.  Laugh a little at this one - sometimes we are the Eagle at heart, but unfortunately, we are hanging with Turkeys. It might be time to think about who we spend the most time with and the influence that is having on us. If in fact we are most like the top 5 people we spend our time with - evaluate that scenario. Turkey Friends or Eagle Friends?

  • A time of renewing.  A middle aged Eagle (lets be real - The eagle is having a mid life crisis and I know some of you can relate to it.) will retreat and pull out its feathers, break of it's beak and talons in a renewing process which will end up strengthening it and even extending it's life span. Sometimes we just need a little regrouping. Its ok. It's never a bad things to review and correct course at any stage in life.

There’s beauty, understanding and simplicity in the verse of Isaiah 40:31 “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.

Whether you are soaring, falling from the nest in the hopes to fly or whatever stage you are in your life - I hope you realize that you are an eagle at heart, worthy of great and might things, a conquerer. It's time to fly my friend. My hope is that you not only fly, but you soar.