You're 99% invisible!

The REAL, "true" you - is about 99% invisible to the rest of the world.

No, not like Casper the ghost invisible, silly, just invisible in the form of beyond what others see physically when they look at you. They likely see the physical things like you're pretty (or handsome) face, the color of your eyes, your skin, shape, personality, etc. while the largest part of YOU is something beyond the form of your physical body, that only you see - it's your MIND or your thoughts.

This lovely, amazing space is yours - no human being can hear what's there unless you share.

It's where your feelings, thoughts, processes, values, self esteem, positive or negative thoughts form, all within the confides of the space between your ears. Amazing, that brain of yours and what it's capable of.

You form opinions here. Make decisions here. Believe something is possibly OR not. This space really captures everything about you, in thought. Maybe that's why the Bible even states "be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Think about it - unlike physical strengths in our physical body where we might experience limits, there are really NO limits to the ability to THINK, to dream, to believe in the positives in life - to begin the renewing process.

In your mind - you can imagine anything. Don't believe me? Try it - think upon it - act as if. See yourself in perfect health. See yourself in a job that you love. See money in the bank - it's there to be a blessing to others, what will you do with it? See yourself happy, healthy and whole. See the chains of addiction broken. See what it looks like to forgive that person. See what it looks like to forgive yourself. See what great relationships look like. See what it looks like to have joy and peace in your heart.

Feels good already doesn't it?

Anything is possible with the right mindset. Renewing of the mind is a continual process.

The only problem with this brain of ours? WE place limits on ourselves and we choose to listen to the negative side more often than the positive side. Don't do that! Don't fall into the trap. Lose the talk of "I can't" and replace with "I CAN" - yes, it IS possible.

Expand your vision in that mind of yours by dreaming and believing that anything is possible. Start pursuing your passion as if it were happening. Instead of praying to get by, pray for a breakthrough, for thriving, not surviving mentality. Choose to have a positive mindset that is being renewed continually.

Here's to making that 99% of you the most awesome you there can be.