Hello Beautiful

Sometimes we just need to hear those words.

Hello beautiful - You are beautiful. You have greatness within.

Women are complex. We easily compare. We stress over small stuff. We over commit ourselves for the good of others. We have insecurities.

Lets be real here. Everyone needs a little love. A little confirmation, affirmation, a hug, a smile, to feel appreciated, to feel beautiful, to feel wanted.

True beauty is not on the outside as most would think, it can be found on the inside - in the heart, mind and soul. Once found, it radiates on the outside for all to see. 

As women, you are, we are super heroes.  We are strong. We are sometimes everything to all people at all times. We are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. We are listeners, (ok and talkers too), we are full of compassion, sometimes healers and always loyal. We are authentic, unique and divine.

To you my sister, I say Hello Beautiful. You are amazing. You can do it. You are worth it. You deserve it. Don't settle for anything less than fabulous. Go for your dreams. Conquer that fear. Take that step. Be Strong. You are loved. You are stronger than you know.