Lost in time.

Today I saw a message of a family member talking about shopping at a place to try to find some clothes from the 80's - or maybe it was that she didn't want her clothes to look like the 80's - I can't remember which, but it made me smile just the same.

I grew up in the 80's with fond memories like amazing diverse music, waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio so you could record it from your tape recorder (btw - that made a really great, clean copy!) - ohh and MTV just launching music videos and of course BIG Hair like nobody's business.  

Whatever you might think big hair is - triple it and you will be close to my 80's rocking hair - permed, colored and some seriously stiff hairspray. ( I have old pics to prove it if you doubt me.) 

Interesting how Moms are always right. My mother always did say fashion comes back around! hmmm,  as my niece searches for 80's stuff - I laugh and  think she might be right.

So far, all this has been fun to reminisce about, but has nothing at all to do with my original thought for this post and the title Lost in time. 

The true meaning that I want you to think about is - are you living in the moment - or are you stuck in the past - or maybe even possibly all you can think about is the future?

If we live in the past - we hang on to old memories, of what could have been, or maybe what we didn't do and we don't move forward with our life in the manner we should to enjoy the here and now. The past can cause thoughts of regret or fears unconquered, yet equally challenging, living in a future state can cause anxiety of what's to be that hasn't even happened yet, and may or may not ever happen. How about being present and living in the here and now.

If we were ever to be lost in time - in a moment - it should be the current one you are living in right now - right this second. If you are in a bad season - step into it and walk through it - you will overcome and will be stronger than you were.  If you are in a good one, live in it - be grateful. Pay it forward.

We are here now, we are alive  now, no matter what the circumstances, I know you can find someone worse off than you are - so lets be thankful.

Live each moment with gratitude.  

How to live in the moment Tip: Step outside. Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds and let them penetrate the silence. For me it's the birds signing, the water on the pond I hear rushing. For you it may be the trains crossing the track, downtown horns honking - whatever it is listen and feel the aliveness of your surroundings and be thankful. Feel the wind on your cheeks - or sunshine or rain. Be at peace. Live in the moment. Embrace it and if you are feeling really risky - heck - go find yourself an 80's outfit and rock it.