The meaning of the bird on the fence.

The meaning of the bird on the fence.

What!? Have I lost my mind? No - well at least I don't think so - but call me crazy if you will, I found some insight from the little bird that lit on the fence this morning.

As I walked on the treadmill, worship music blasting in my ears, I peered out the window and 3 lovely birds lit on the fence before me.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit I quickly and randomly named them - it's what came to mind. "Son" choose to stay a while - the whole 40+ minutes I walked actually.

He was bigger than the rest and just peacefully perched proudly on the fence. At first I didn't really pay him much attention - then random words started coming to mind as I watched him gracefully sit.

Powerful, strong, peace, joy, love - my mind was flooded with words - amazing, empowering, uplifting words - yes from watching a bird.  

So you don't think Im totally crazy right now - I don't think the bird really had any relevance, I was just open to the random thoughts coming into my head watching this peaceful creature in nature.

"Did that bird just stare at me?" (seriously - I wondered for a moment - could this bird know what Im thinking LOL - or AM I crazy - but he seemed to look my way at just the right moments - it happened more than once while I was pondering - oh well......) 

"Is there meaning to the bird on the fence?" I thought -  my thought was interrupted by "Son"  leaping to the ground. He was "working" for it's food. He jabbed at the ground and enjoyed the feast just below the ground.  Here's what I took from it.

We are strong, powerful beings.  We can create and do the imaginable, but we must WORK for it. It's doesn't have to be hard work - but work - I prefer the term smartwork.

After all - how can something be blessed if we are just hoping and wishing on a star for it? It's when we are in the trenches doing and trying - taking a risk that great things happen.  

So my little birdie - thanks for the odd experience this morning.

Life can be simple - like the life of this simple ole bird. Think about it - they do not worry about what they look like or what they eat - yet they are taken care of, but they also don't sit back and wait for it to happen. They watch thoughtfully. They dig. They enjoy the fruits of their labor - which today was a tasty worm.

So spread your wings (ha ha pun intended there) and go for it. You never know unless you try.  You can't gain confidence if you never try, fail and conquer. Step out and get to jabbing my friend - not my furry feathered friend - Im talking to YOU. Go!