The power of words

Little things that roll off our tongue - intentional or not ..... Oh the power of words. Truly death and life can come from what you say to yourself and even about what you believe about what someone else says about you. Yes those negative mind thoughts, even if not spoken still have an effect on you because we seem to replay them over and over in our minds.  

Compliments can come all day long, but one ugly little comment from ourself or another can cause destruction and then what? We dwell on it - hanging on to that thought with a death grip - wanting to let it go, but somehow not wanting to let it go.

What to do? Let it go! (Over done yes - absolutely - but I did just sing the FROZEN song - just a verse or too?) 

Seriously - let it go. Shut off the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Redirect your thought pattern. Remove yourself from people or conversations. Make it happen. Read or listen to affirmations if you need to - a little goofy yes - but they truly do change your thought pattern and make you aware of how much negativity we let in and how choosing positive words can make a difference.

It's time to consider how and what we say to others and what we believe from others. Filter your thoughts. Filter your words.