Who's got a case of the Mondays?

Who's got a case of the Mondays?

It's hard enough coming off a normal weekend, but a Monday after a HOLIDAY weekend! You can easily find yourself with a case of the "Mondays".

How to get out of the Monday blues? 3 Quick Tips

  • Take control.  No one can take your happiness unless you allow it.  So Smile and choose to have a great Monday, regardless of how the circumstances in your day turn out. You may need to reminder yourself of tip 1 throughout the day.
  • Titles do not define you. No matter what your position  is - earn it every day by doing your best to serve with kindness, gratitude and putting others first.  I have seen people that have a  given "title" and expect respect simply bccuase of a given title, when in all reality I don't care who's title is what - you treat people like a decent human being and earn the respect of all by who you are and what you do in your respected "title".
  • Turn on some tunes. It's amazing how some uplifting music in the background can change your attitude. I said uplifting. Praise & worship on a Monday morning = accidental happiness.

The bigger question. Are you doing what you love? And Why NOT?  You have talents that are unique to you - use them! Life is too short to not invest in yourself & your dreams. Life is meant to LIVE not exist.

There are many things you can start alongside your regular job if you are looking for another stream of income to help cushion the finances or start you on the path to pursue your true dreams. Thus, one reason I love network marketing - anyone can do it and most start it alongside their current job to create another stream of income or create time freedom.

Have yourself a wonderful MONDAY because you choose to - and Stay tuned - more to come.