Are you a good gift giver?

My daughter is an amazing gift giver and it's not for the benefit of just giving a gift. Ill tell you why she is so good at it.

Ready for the secret.......... wait for it....wait for it......


She listens to what is said. She picks up on the small stuff - on the important little things that people say, and sometimes more importantly the unspoken things people say.  She stores a special thought, item or request in her heart until it is time.   If you know her, you know that it's very hard for her to wait for a special occasion like your birthday to get here. She can NOT keep a secret in this instance and doesn't like to wait if she has a great gift for you.

So if you find yourself with a gift ON your birthday - please know how hard it was for her to wait and not share with you before it's time. My guess is very rarely does she make it to the actual appointed date - smile!  I know this girl well.

"Well I don't have a lot of money" you say, to give a perfect gift. I will have you know most of her gifts costs very little, if anything.  

Her gifts are from the heart.  They are a hand written note, mailed. A special item that she searched the internet for and found at a discount. A thrift shop. Home made items. They are always gifts of love and meaning.

To a friend who was just starting culinary school, she gifted numerous hand written family recipes on recipe cards along with an encouraging note. I could name many in detail but they are personal and private.  We could all learn something from this child of mine - LISTEN.  

Most of the world doesn't listen - instead they just want to be HEARD - you know it's all about ME ME ME.

Talk about me - make my point and share only my views, without every asking "How are YOU?" "What can I  do for YOU?"

Instead of demanding to be HEARD - drop that last letter "D" and HEAR first. Make it a point to HEAR and to LISTEN to others. Make yourself engage. Make it a point to not talk about yourself or if you do and forget, remember to ask the other person about themselves too.  Relationships take 2 way communication and great gift giving takes great listening.