Hey cut yourself some slack - it happens to the best of em.  

Sometimes you know what set you off track and sometimes you have no idea.

One thing I know is brighter days are always ahead.

Now is a great time to refocus and consider what's really important in life in the first place. What makes you the most happy - think about it, realize it, and do more of those things - or shall I say MAKE time for those things.  It's called priority and you have to make things happen or they never will happen.

I find myself feeling more fulfilled when Im doing things to help or serve others, instead of looking inward.  I've also found that when Im doing something that pulls me out of my comfort zone it makes me internally happy at a deeper level. It's not always easy and I don't always choose that path, but there's something about trying and conquering that's fulfilling and empowering and sets you on the path of personal development that leads you to a new amazing path, thought or inspired idea.

So what are you settling for? What would you like to change? Deeply ponder those thoughts, then take one baby step towards it.

Remember, even if you're in a funk right now - things could always be worse, so take a moment, give thanks for what you do have and before you know it you will say - Rut? What Rut? Life is good. (that's one of my favorite saying btw) Despite all things - repeat to yourself right now, LIFE IS GOOD.