Your BEST life

What does it mean to live your "Best life " NOW.... I mean heck, wouldn't we all like to be living our best life now - right now - nod your head up and down,  yes - of course we would.

Actually - life's ups and downs make our life...well a LIFE - one that is alive and worth living, and one that is YOURS along with all of it's twisty, turvy paths - it's what makes You.... You!

Your life events have created you and whether good or bad,  you can live your best life NOW by realizing your true worth and value.

Life is a journey of learning. There is a purpose for your life - someone out there needs to hear that so I will repeat. There is a PURPOSE for YOUR life.

The things we learn and grow through in this life of ours is quite an amazing task. We are truly amazing human beings, able to grow, develop, learn, bend and not break in the process.


  • WE DONT BREAK -  That's right -  in difficult situations, we do one of 2 things.  We remain frozen in  fear, or we walk through the situation, learn from it and become powerful as a result of it. 
  • LAUGH AT YOURSELF -  We have to lighten up - Im speaking to myself as well. Lighten up, laugh, have fun - MAKE fun of yourself. There's nothing that serious in life that you can't get through. It may not be easy - but you can do it.
  • PERSISTENCE - Never give up on your goals, dreams and wishes for a better life. Life is what you create it to be.  Want more? Become more yourself. What's the last great book your read to develop yourself? It really can make a difference to work on you.
  • GRATITUDE -  A grateful heart is a peaceful place to start. Be thankful and grateful for all things. This is hard at times but trust me, it could be worse and I know there is plenty in your life to be thankful for - sometimes we just need to quiet ourselves and ponder.

Repeat after me: I am grateful and happy with the here and now, yet I search for my best life that I know is just around the corner. I am valuable. My life has purpose and I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

I love feedback.  Are you living your best life?  Or..... Why not? What is holding you back?

Faith - have some.  

Dreams - go for them.

Fear - push it to the side.

Life - live it.

Stay tuned for more exciting things coming soon.