Fighting the Fear

Fear IS a Liar.

Why do I despise it? Because it is FALSE. A false evidence that only appears real at the moment. Fear has kept many a person from achieving their full potential in life.  

Fear - that 4 letter word can hold you back for days, years or an entire lifetime if you allow it.

Technically there are 6 basic fears every human suffers from, and some in combinations.

The fear of POVERTY | The fear of CRITICISM | the fear of ILL HEALTH | The fear of LOSS OF LOVE OF SOMEONE | the fear of OLD AGE | The fear of DEATH. Im sure we could add many more of our fears but they all fall back to these 6 basic fears at some level.

I remember reading a book many years back about fear and the fact that you will be burdened by the  internal FEELING of FEAR all your life so you might as well FEEL that fear - and walk through it - do it anyway. Do what scares you.

After all, what's the worse that could happen? Think it out - usually not much in the negative aspect, but a whole world of options if you choose to face your fears.

No matter how big or small the fear is in your life, I want to encourage you that you can face it and you can conquer it. Remind yourself if needed, that God will not give us anything bigger than we can handle.  I know right - there's times he must think we are awesome and powerful! You've got this.

Im not saying it's easy - but if you choose to not let fear hold you back - you will feel amazing. Confident. Empowered. Alive.  

Choose to let fear win - you miss out on a life time of opportunities.

Tips to overcoming FEAR:

  • HAVE FAITH - Especially when we know that FEAR is nothing more than a state of MIND, and that where there is FAITH, fear can not exist.
  • Make a conscious mental EFFORT to not let fear take hold. Pray. Ask for help. Talk to a trusted friend. Keep verses & quotes handy that support you conquering your fear and just do it.
  • TAKE ACTION. Action will move fear to the side like it's nothing.
  • LOVE casts out all fear. Love and be loved. Give freely with nothing expected in return.
  • STAY POSITIVE - Remove the what if negative scenarios and ponder the what if positive scenario. Whats the worst and best case scenarios that could possibly happen?

Think of FEAR as the bully at school - once he's confronted, he backs down. That's how I want you to think of your "FEAR FACTOR". It's just waiting on you to take control and to put it back in it's place.

So here we go to becoming a fearless leader. A conquerer. A happy, confident person who feels the fear and chooses to walk through it. A stronger you.

More life stories & inspirations to come. Stay tuned.