What would I tell my graduate self?

What would I tell my graduate self?

Where to start,  I'm in my mid 40's actually closer to 50 (thanks for that reminder)  but graduation was just the other day in my mind. 

Laugh all you want - it seems like it WAS just the other day and I do have some awesome 80's photos of my huge - well huge is an undesrstatement, but my awesomely big hair from  graduation day - it was hip then but Im sure you would be bawling your eyes out so I will spare you that photo attached up top, although it could be fun!

Ok so it's no not even college graduation I'm talking about - I didn't complete college -  I started -  didn't finish.  Im talking about High School graduation.  

It was a  time filled with fun and complete confusion. You did it - You graduated, CONGRATS - now what!  Sheer panic set in, for me anyway.

What do I do? Go to work? Go to school? Can I just go back and stay a while? (tell me you didn't think that even once, come on!)  

How you  younger crowd would view me now is a middle aged lady - old might even be the word that you used, and you won't understand until you are older that

  • AGE is how you feel, not the numbers counted on your birthday - remember that, it's the first tip here. Many books say life begins truly in the 40's-50's where wisdom and life dreams ignite - so look forward to every birthday.
  • My wiser self today would tell you to be BOLD - if you have a DREAM no matter how big go for it. Let NO ONE hold you back. No one - not even family members who doubt you. No money to fund this dream? Continue to pursue it as if it's happening.  Great things happen when there is a determined and willing mind that desires with everything inside to make something big happen.
  • Don't know what to do? Take time alone in silence to think about it. You could always improve yourself - whatever that takes. College maybe? How about purchasing audio/videos/books you can self learn from - whatever it takes to gain knowledge in your passion and develop yourself.  Act as if you were already who you wanted to be and that could be anything you wanted it to be.
  • GO big. You are young and time will pass quickly. Take a moment to think about what you really want in this life. What is life about and what natural skills and strengths do you have that can contribute to the world? ps - relationships are important - giving back, adding value etc.
  • Remember you are unique and one of a kind - use those talents that God gave you. Some of the greatest leaders did NOT go to college, some did NOT even graduate high school, which tells us that a determined heart and mind is stronger than all. 
  • Seek to know your creator at a young age - he has a plan for you that is bigger than you might now. Some of you know it already and some it may take a life time to figure it out - it's ok. Enjoy every moment of every day.
  •  Choose friends wisely. Many will bring you down or hold on to you but YOU were made to soar, to do great things in this life. Remember we become like the people we spend the most time with, evaluate that.

 I am grateful for being introduced to the industry of Network Marketing in my early 30's  simply because it set me on a path to personal development that changed my life completely. My path may not be the same path for you - but whatever you do - figure out how to get on that path to personal development and don't ever stop. Be ever evolving, developing and learning. Be the best you.

I could go on and on but this ole lady will stop here, for today. Never quit dreaming , believing and living by faith. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If you are 100 years old and reading this and there's something you still want to do - DO IT! It is possible. 

My  wish for you is a lifetime of love, happiness, adventure and pursing your wildest dreams to the fullest and knowing God intimately to help guide you along every step.