Living the dream - true or no?

OK seriously  - LIVING the DREAM - is it Balogna (worded nicely) or truly possible and a reality for all?

Many a person claim to live, or at least post about this "dream life" while  silently struggling,  not only to pay the bills and stay afloat, but to simply make it to yet another day. 

Social media doesn't help - everyone can live in a some what false state by posting the best moments, or making those moments look better than they truly are... pretending. 

So how about it? Do you grin and bare it.  Pretend.  "Im fine, your fine." Fake it till you make it ? What even qualifies as a dream life anyway? 

Hey we all have to start somewhere. Tip: If that's you and you're in the fake it till you make it mode, keep in mind that your social media leaves a trail and people are watching.  Remember to refrain from posting about life unlimited while every other post in your repertoire is about scarcity - it's doesn't add up and causes confusion.

Be who you are  - because you are pretty amazing without trying to impress.

Most people think life unlimited or their dream life is all about money and maybe even time freedom  - you know - having stuff....or thinking if I only had (fill in the blank), millions, time on my side, etc. THEN I would be happy and truly living a great life.

While those things are amazing and can be a blessing - life is about much more. Truly living a life unlimited, a dream life means you being happy with you first and foremost in the here and now.  

  • YOU are your biggest commodity.  Investing in yourself should be number one priority. WHY invest in yourself? Because you can't help anyone unless you first help yourself.
  • Once you have that figured out, start investing in others. Relationships. Building up others. Connections - it's what makes the world go round.
  • Know your creator. There is peace in knowing you were divinely created with a purpose and a plan, and with unique talents unlike anyone else.

So strive. Dream. Achieve. Take Action on your goals and dreams. Believe it is possible because it is.   Happy, Healthy and  Whole ... and living your dream life- that can be you.

Do I believe in dreams? In the miraculous? Absolutely I do. 

To make it happen it involves faith, taking action and choosing personal development. Thought this process, what you will find is that what you think your dream life might look like now - will likely change as you grow yourself.

Its about being out of your comfort zone and  striving to become a better person than you once were. It can't be explained but think of personal development like a key to life being unlocked that most will never understand because they are perched in front of the TV or don't take the path.

It was once said that everyone should strive to become a millionaire, not for the money, but for the person you will become in the process. You have to take the journey for that to fully make sense. 

So here's to happiness, to living that dream life and to enjoying the journey of your own personal development.

Stay tuned with more insights to come and a new website. Here's to helping as many people as I can begin to believe it is possible, and actually live out a dream life.