How do you influence your children?

I watched as the the young mothers cuddled their children on Mothers Day, it hit me - how precious and meaningful is time and how valuable relationships are and what we put into them.

Time clicks by and we have but a blink of time to instill in these little ones, and really in all those around us, things that will influence and impact their life in a positive way.

As a baby, there is NO control over anything - zilch.  Hungry? Hopefully someone notices and feeds you! Had to go.....or ooops just went in my diaper - ummm hopefully someone smells it and will do something about it.  Crying and just need a hug? Hopefully someone picks you up and smothers you in sweet kisses, as they sing and rock you to sleep.  

Everyone needs that kind of acceptance and love - someone to care -  invest time in - believe in. Momma's are miracle makers that keep the world together. Oh they can be a force to be reckoned with at times  - but oh how they love, unconditionally.

WOMEN - you are amazing. Whether you are a maternal mother or not, have a good relationship with your Mom or not, I bet you have influenced or will have the chance to influence another's life in a positive way.

Love on people any chance you get. Give a kind word - it could make a life long impact.  Give motherly love to people whether  you or they are young or old - it doesn't matter.

TIP:  your kids are influenced by YOU.

  • They hear you. What do you speak? Words of life or death.
  • They watch you. What do your actions tell?
  • They learn love from you.  How do you treat other?
  • They learn right or wrong.  What does your life reflect?
  • Do your best and let your life be a positive role model. We all make mistakes - ask for forgiveness if you need to. 
  • Prayer - pray over your children | family | others often - it shows them how to pray as well as that prayer is powerful and works.

I can tell you that I  sure made my fair share of mistakes, but through the grace of God, my kiddos made it to adult hood and I am so proud of who they have become and still are becoming.

One full of love and compassion, respectful, and a hard worker. Polite and patient. Talented.

One full of life dreams with no boundaries on the vision of lives that can be touched with a true minsters heart.  

Remember: Parenthood is ever evolving. Life is about Family. It's about Relationships and what we invest in others that truly make a difference.