Creating awesomeness by creating your own reality

Creating awesomeness by creating your own reality

Now before you go crazy with all the non sense and sarcastic things you might be saying to yourself right now, like "Oh Yea, let me just think of this wonderful life and poof it will happen," "money in the bank" or "my awesome reality is winning the lotto" or "you don't know me and understand my life or situation."

Let me clarify. Creating awesomeness in your life doesn't quite work like that, it's not a magic wand, however you CAN create some awesomeness in your life despite your current situation or life as you see it.

It doesn't matter what your current reality IS, what does matter is having the audacity to start believing in the not yet seen - or what can be - that's when your reality truly begins to shift.

How is this possible? Our thoughts are one of the most powerful tools we have. Our thoughts and beliefs dictate our reality, so why not strive to change our beliefs?

It takes a little faith.

We literally have to think differently first, before we start to see the changes. Unfortunately, most people want to see results first, then they will believe. It does't quite work that way either.

Here's what I've learned over the years

  1. Be bold enough to ask and act as if it IS before it actually is. You will be astounded on how this simple tip can change your life.
  2. Change your environment. You can choose to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people who choose to think like the new improved you, OR you can surround yourself with people that drag you down and impose their negative beliefs on you until you actually start to believe them. You know - you had a dream but everyone talked you out of it - you eventually gave up on it. (There's enough people in this category - don't fall for it - it's a lie. They just don't want you to change or succeed because THEY didn't. You've got this!)
  3. Love yourself. And to love yourself and be able to truly love others, it's important to know the love of God and his awesomeness in your life. You absolutely are divinely and wonderfully created - who says you are not good enough, smart enough or capable? Oh that's right - the people who don't want you to do better are saying that - re read #2. Remember - we're not listening to them. If there is a dream or goal inside you - it's there for a reason. Why NOT be crazy enough to believe it could be true. You are well on your way to some awesomeness.

Stay true - be encouraged. Live an authentic life, one that is on purpose. Keep on keeping on. Keep on dreaming. Keep on believing for whatever it is - don't sit around and wait for it to magically appear, chase after it, look for it as you would a golden treasure, strive and take action and your own version of awesomeness will unfold.