How is your vision?

VISION - This article might not be about what your thinking.  Maybe you were thinking the typical 20/20 vision  or I need "readers" to help my "vision" ...well, actually I do need readers, but that's irrelevant.

My sister did warn me that when I hit the big 4-0 that vision would change, and well.... it did - but that's not going to get me off topic - this is not about actual sight.  Although now Im thinking of all the cute "readers" I own, but can never find a pair when I need them. 

Ok back to topic:  Vision - clear, true, God given vision offers so much more than the physical eye can see - much, much more.  It can offer you peace, hope and direction.

Vision should encompass your beliefs, values, dreams and goals. Ideally it should have no boundaries. I'm not saying your mind will not want to put them there, it WILL, along with doubts and fear.  When this happens, be aware of the thought - then move on and don't pay it any attention.  Your vision is much bigger than a temporary mental obstacle that pops in that head of yours.

Vision is like a mental state of where you see yourself, and not only that, but where you would like to end up, aka the "bigger" picture. Vision can give confidence and an inner peace.

The good and bad news is whatever vision is in your mind,  will often play out in your life.

I get it, sometimes it's hard for us to see a clear vision and understand what is possible because we allow our current circumstances to cloud that vision, or we can't seem to look beyond today and the issues surrounding us to think larger than the hear and now. For some it may be negative self talk or doubt that is hindering you from seeing your clear vision.

Be encouraged that a  few simple steps can help give you insight.

  • SILENCE - in the silence, through prayer ask for VISION and clarity.  How? Disconnect. Unplug. No TV. No cell phone. No noise - none!  Complete silence. Unplug from life and ask yourself a few questions.      What do I need to have clearer vision and a hope for my future? What's in my way? What needs to go? What am I on this earth for? What are my talents and how might I use them to serve mankind and a divine purpose?
  • PASSION - Ask yourself - What am I good at? What are my interests and natural strengths and talents? Then consider, is there anything really to lose if I pursue the biggest goals and dreams I can think of? Sure you might fail - but you also, and very likely, might succeed.
  • SURROUND YOURSELF - with positive people who will encourage you to life out your life mission. People who will challenge you.
  • VALUES | BELIEFS - Incorporate these into your vision for your life. Your Faith. Family. Marriage. Relationships. Job. Opportunities. What is your vision for all of these?

Lets claim, outloud what we want and desire in our life and believe it is so and it shall be.  So here's to a life of vision and clarity starting today. 

ps - I recently heard about a story of 100 people at the very end of their life who were asked the question "Do you wish you could have changed anything?"

NOT ONE person when asked, talked about anything other than the feelings of regret for the risks they did NOT take. Maybe it was lack of vision or drive? Lack of belief? Fear?  Who knows - but what I do know is that you are alive and here and maybe it's time to get clear on your vision and life goals. Get some vision. Dream Big. Take the Risk. Live Life Unlimited.

Stay tuned - more inspirational stories to share as God leads me in a new direction.