In search of Happiness

As I write this article, it's a little unsettling at how many people are lacking true happiness in their life. They search, but can not find it. They go through the motions of life feeling unfulfilled. They can easily play the victim and allow that mentality to dictate their life. They can wait their whole life time on someone else to pave the way or open the door while they make excuses. They try to fill the void with everything under the sun, yet it is never satisfied. They live in the past or live in the lie of what the future holds. 

Your future is bright. Happiness and joy come from within. Possessions do not bring happiness, at least not in the long term. People will always disappoint, we are human, after all.

Joy and happiness can't come from people or things. True happiness is in finding yourself in Christ. Knowing that you are divinely created, unique to anyone else in the world. You are a child of God, saved by grace. Plain and simple. True happiness is available to you today.

Why do you not see it? I can see your beauty. I can see your uniqueness. I see the road ahead for you and it is one of love, grace, mercy and joy. One of fulfillment. One of peace, and yes, one of happiness, true happiness.

"Do not let the enemy discourage or alienate you, for you are a child of God and gifted by the one who made you. Let no one take your joy. It is rightfully yours, for it is placed within you from him. A gift. There is a higher calling on your life than the one you currently see. Do not be distracted from the petty thoughts and distractions or arrows of the enemy. Happiness is yours."

There's a song that goes something like this "The joy of the Lord is my strength."

My hope is that you find that happiness and joy and that it radiates so deeply in you that it shines onto others to see.

The author is a life coach, entrepreneur & mentor who has a desire to encourage others to live in your true, God given potential. blog site: