5 Tips to gain control and get in the drivers seat of life.

Just so we are clear, these are not literal tips to show you how to get your rear into the drivers seat of your car and drive, literally, anywhere in life. If you need those kind of tips - we might all be in trouble, or at least those on the roads around you!

No this is a much bigger task, of a much deeper scale. It's about taking responsibility.

Why would taking responsibility be important, you ask? Well it seems that most people wander through life and don't realize that they are, in fact, in control of their life and their future.

Gasp - wait - what? I know, I know, its much easier to blame someTHING or someONE for why we are not where we want to be in life thus far, but if we want to get to any sort of a destination in our lifetime, then it's time to be real and honest with ourselves.

So here we go, 5 tips to gain control and get in the drivers seat of life.

First, there must be an understanding and acknowledgment that we ARE indeed in the driver seat of our life. This starts with AWARENESS - being aware of where we are at this moment in time, without giving judgement or excuses as to how we got here - this is a crucial first step. It's like saying, "I take responsibility, it's my fault I am where I am. I blame no one - but at the same time, I'm ready to get the heck out of here!"

  1. SURRENDER - good news is God is bigger than any problem you face. His will for your life will always include giving glory back to him in some way. Have you asked him and quieted yourself to listen to the direction he might have for you? And it's ok you are not where you want to be - you are going to give thanks and have gratitude for realizing that something needs to change. And remember, that change is NOT with everyone else, NO - that change starts with YOU. (Take a deep breath if needed - it's going to be ok.)                                                  
  2. ACTION - without action, all things remain the same. Is life working for you? Don't think too long on that answer. Scientifically your mind will start to process within nano seconds why you should stay safe, stay the same and not take risks of any sorts to better yourself. Don't listen. Instead count backwards like a rocket on the launching pad..... then take action - any action. (A great read to understand more about this power of 54321 - check out the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins.)
  3. KNOW THAT YOU WONT FEEL LIKE IT - Keep in mind you are never going to feel like doing the things that you need to do to make changes in your life. You must do them anyway, regardless of how you feel.
  4. DARE TO DREAM - Putting yourself in the drivers seat of life means figuring out a way to do what you want in life. What did you always want to do or be when growing up, or heck, right now in the moment, no matter what age you are, and why not try it is the question I want you to ask yourself. Even if you experience failure - failure is better than never trying something. You have God given talents that are unique to you and with those, hobbies and things you enjoy for a reason. Take a minute to discover once again what you truly do want in life. Now I want you to expand that vision a little deeper and broader.

So here we go! Enjoy life in all it's glory. Enjoy the process and journey of life and live, learn and auto correct course along the way - it's ok. The future is anything you want it to be. Get in that drivers seat and drive in the direction of your dreams. 

About the author: Gina Freels is a life coach, mentor and entrepreneur. Visit ginafreels.com for some inspiration and motivation or reach out for a private coaching session to help get you on the path to prosperity.