What's in that brain of yours?

Freaky pic I know! Our brain is a complex thing - so what's in that brain of ours?

By that - I mean how many thoughts, dreams, wishes, hopes and desires do you keep just there - inside your head where they remain absolutely powerless as a thought, un-acted upon. Simply a thought of something totally amazing that COULD be - if only....

Random Thought: Don't take your dreams to the grave. Live them out. Use your talents to bless others, make a difference. Find a way.

The great news is - ummmmm in case you didn't know, for starters you are flippin amazing and capable of things greater than you realize and it's never ever too late to be what you want to be. To change anything in your life, relationships, beliefs, business or self. ANYTHING. (You may have to put aside some negative self talk or some limiting beliefs that you gained through life that are just NOT true for you, yet in your subconscious mind you have heard them so long you actually believe it to be true.)

When you go from wanting something and desiring it, to DECIDING that you will make said thing happen somehow, someway, and thus start to put into motion a reality - well lets just say that's when big things happen. World Changing things - and I see YOU as a world changing kind of gal or guy!

Be aware of limiting beliefs - you know the negative thoughts that bounce between your ears - yes in your brain through lovely doubting, negative thoughts. If they remain in that negative state, they render you useless and remaining powerless BUT we are not going to stand for that. No we are not. We are going to take a leap of faith. Start claiming the complete opposite. Start speaking life into it as if it already were.

Let me give you an simple example.

I know people who would love to travel the world and I know people who DO travel the world. What's the difference between them?

One dreams and hopes of a day that everything will align, including their time and financial situation for this amazing world travel intention locked in their brain - oh they want it, but thus said day NEVER comes. All the excuses as to WHY it won't happen just take over.

Then there's the people that say - I believe it's possible - anything is possible - somehow let me find a way. HOW can I make world travel possible NOW?

Act as if it were is one clue. PS - If you want to world travel - have you checked into it? Where would you go? Where would you stay? What airline would you take? For how long would you go? Ask those kinds of questions.

What you will find is - you never know what something like that costs until you look into it like it's going down. The latter people realize hmmmm - let me just pretend like Im going. Then they get the shocker - it's not as expensive as I thought it would be or things seems to align to their advantage - they get a sale, a great deal on a hotel or flight and blink - they are on a flight traveling all over Europe, Rome, Australia or wherever the heck they (or YOU) want to go. Does money magically appear? No - but they get a plan. They put it into motion AS IF instead of the hope, dream phase which just seems like it activates some magical switch inside that complex brain of ours. Maybe just maybe it's that part of the brain that has no filter, that tries to make things a reality and searches until it IS reality. Complex I know - our brains our amazing and divinely created for sure.

Let me challenge you, and feel free to share here - what is something you always wanted to do, but haven't yet accomplished? And then I want you to check into is THIS WEEK. Keep me posted!