Hate is an ugly word

I must let you know that I have been involved in the industry since 2002, replaced my corporate income in 2004, have driven countless upon countless Mercedes as a perk over the years, earned trips, helped thousands and hello this is ME..... if I can do it, anyone can -  yet with it all - there are a few things that I don't like about network marketing.  So what is there NOT to LOVE?

True facts of Things I Hate (ok hate it a harsh word - things I dislike) about Network Marketing:

Unfortunately, people will think less of you because THEY don't understand it. Very true and happens often. People have preconceived ideas about what it is, or they already have a bad taste in their mouth because of a bad experience from the past, or simply because of listening to someone that is ignorant about the industry and thus said person likes to talk smack, it ends up forming others to that same opinion, but is really infact, being uninformed. 

I hate that more people don't stick it out and stick with it until it works. It's an amazing industry that anyone COULD do - why do some people portray a million dollar paycheck month one and act like a big shot - lets be real folks - it does the indsustry well when we are truthful. Can you earn millions? Yes if you work it like a business of that stature. Failure is not caused because the industry doesn't work - it's because the person doesn't work or doesn't follow the proven system, and in the process, usually isn't coachable or teachable, yet thinks they deserve the millions in the bank..... tomorrow. Another reason people quit - people put doubt in you with every negative word spoken and the first NO you get, you quit. You have what it takes! Stick it out and lean on a seasoned professional in the team to help lead the way and partner with you.

I hate that more people don't think or believe that they can truly do it. Anyone can - I don't care what your background is - if there's a will, there's always a way. It's never what you think it it. Its simple - not always easy, and the not always easy part comes from personal development which will cause you to (gasp) grow and begin to think like an employer would VS an employee mindset. It will also help you overcome hearing the word NO and overcoming objections.  (Lets just say that most people are too comfy in front of the TV every night settling for just enough and no belief that life could be anything grander, so why bother.) I see more for your life.

And lastly, I hate that people almost always look for you, or expect you to fail - please understand that some people just thrive on negativity.  Sounds harsh - but just like the title of this caught your attention - maybe you thought WOW she's been doing this for a while - I knew it wasn't all that it's cracked up to be - lets see what there is to HATE about the industry of network marketing. (It's a human trait that I think we all underlying deal with - call it comparison or not wanting someone to do better or achieve more than we have.) Why can't we root each other on no matter what company you are with or background you come from, wether it's in this industry or another. Lift another up and see if you don't feel better by speaking words of life into someones vision.

  • This last statement is not just network marketing, but life.  I hate that people don't believe in their dreams, miracles or great things and in the goodness, no greatness within YOU that is capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to. 

The WORLD is full of endless possibilities - do you see it? It's all around. There's enough negativity in the world - how about you decide today to bring a little light to your own life for starters, and then onto others.