Vulnerability - How do you rate? 4 Tips that might help.

Being vulnerable is a hard thing to do. It takes guts to be your raw and real SELF. We tend to put up our guard so quickly, maybe even unintentionally, in our own defense to protect ourselves.

Being vulnerable means being open to failure, heart break and humiliation. It means trying something new that you might be afraid of. It means putting ourselves in an uncomfortable spot for a temporary moment. It means loving with no expectations.

If you have never experienced what it's like to be completely open and vulnerable with another human being, a misunderstanding could be that being vulnerable is a weakness. I believe it to be a strength. The person who can be genuine, authentic and put themselves on the line for all to see is worthy of my applause.

Side Note: this is not a place to say well this is just how I am, deal with it... No, we are always a work in progress, or should be trying to become a better version of ourselves and it might take you being vulnerable to even admit that and be open to change.

To be vulnerable is to be fully seen - whole heartedly. Willing to essentially risk all.

How do you become more vulnerable?

  • Appreciate yourself with all your quirks and let them all shine. Become ok with you - divinely, awesomely created you.


  • Let go of opinions of others; you know, wondering whether they will like you or approve of you, if you will fit in, or worrying too much about what they think. We can't control people so stop trying to. Actually try it - it's very freeing when you can truly not care about the opinion of someone else, and more important - does their opinion matter anyway? Nope, didn't think so. Care what no one thinks and bask in that freedom of not having to impress anyone. Confidence looks amazing on you.


  • Make fun of yourself. No one is perfect, so let your personality out and have fun. Lift others up instead of making such a big deal of yourself.


  • Allow for your faults. Don't strive to be the one who's always right, always perfect and nothing out of place or wrong. We are all human, which means every one of us are dealing with something, and as perfect as life may be, it's never perfect, so lets be real with one another and let the guard down.

Choose to be vulnerable and to make a fool of yourself if needed. Love openly. Believe in people. Root for the underdog. In being vulnerable yourself, it allows people to see the true you and there's something comforting in someone who's comfortable in their own skin.

Please share, like or comment if this has added value to you.  Gina Freels is an entrepreneur, mentor, life coach & believer in people.