How giving are you in your relationship?

Relationships. We all have them. Some good and some, well,  not so good.

How do we make our relationships positive and lasting? {assuming it's a healthy relationship - non abusive}. I can tell you this - you will never change anyone. If you want a relationship to change for the better, start by working on yourself. Ask yourself - how can I add value to this person and show them that I care? Simple acts of kindness go a long way.

Giving  unconditionally is one of the hardest things to do. 

Give despite what you get in return for your efforts.  Do it - swallow that pride -  I know it can be hard, but if you want something to change, start with yourself.

I  know .... you want him or her to change  - but lets be called to random acts of kindness toward another when we don't feel like giving at all. Try it - see if it helps. Actually,  especially when you don't feel like it - offer a token, a touch, a kind word, a hand written note, a gift of something meaningful- offer it and walk away expecting absolutely nothing in return. Smile to yourself as you walk away.

In general - people want to return the favor when you have been  kind or added value to their life.  Don't wait on it - it may take a long time before it sinks in for the other person. Pray over your relationships. I believe you can have beautiful, long lasting and meaningful relationships when you choose to work on you, believe that is is possible, and make the commitment to see it through.

Solid relationships take commitment, something many people forget and move from one relationship to another.  If we stop looking at what we can get from others and ponder what can I give - our whole world of relationships can change.

Here's to you and your relationships, both old and new.