How confident are you?

Wait, we're talking about confidence - why the heck is there a picture of a kid in the pool here? She's got cool glasses on, she does looks confident, but before you try to figure it out, I'll explain - but here's the thing, lets be real and talk first.

I'm thinking most people are lacking in some sort of confidence, agree or no?

For some it might be in your job or a position you hold, you know, "Do I have what it takes?" For others it's about a relationship, how you look or feel, or maybe it's wondering exactly who you are and what you're on this earth for. You might just be the gal searching for one ounce of confidence to do something bold and different in your life.

I can tell you that confidence can be gained by taking even the smallest leap of faith. I know you don't feel ready, you don't feel equipped - but sometimes the simple leap of faith is all that you really need. When you leap, the net always appears in perfect timing, trust me.

Back to the cute kid swimming pic above. Pretend you are standing on the end of a diving board of a deep pool, crazy high in the air. You want to jump in, but the longer you think about it, the more fear, doubt and hesitation set in. It's really high. Logic tries to talk you out of jumping. It tells you all the things that could go wrong. But as you are thinking about it.....

Someone pushes you in and there's no turning back. Not exactly how you had planned it, but I want you to feel that feeling of no return. The choice has been made to move forward; to try, whether you intended for it to happen that way or not.

This is actually how I sort of learned to swim as a kid. Someone didn't push me in, I chose to go down the slide and happened to forget my arm floats. Despite the freak out of the adults around, guess what - somehow I got myself to the side of the pool and survived.

Confidence is built in the leaps we take, despite the fear we feel. Or in this case, the accidental action that caused me to learn through the process - either learn to swim or remember to put on your little arm floats - either way, you can bet I didn't do that again.

When we conquer small things, we gain confidence to tackle even bigger "things".

Point in fact - however we get to it's conclusion, whether you take it on your own or someone pushes you into it, action is what's needed to move us from dreams, wishes and hopes, to the reality of taking the actions that can change everything.

It's through feeling that fear and walking through it that confidence is built.

Words of wisdom? Maybe. Life being lived and learned, definately. My hope is that somewhere in the words spoken that you are inspired, moved and encouraged in some way and that a glimmer of confidence is appearing for you.