FOCUS on a better you

Happy New Year to you! 3 days into the new year - how are you doing on those New Years Resolutions?

If you ask me, instead of looking at the past year and what went wrong and making a wish list of what we would like to change in the next 12 months, (but unless we change the habits that lead us down that same familiar path, we change nothing) ... before we go there - lets take a minute to give credit where credit is due and have some gratitude for this previous year of yours.

I KNOW you had some amazing moments this past year and I know that growth can happen from any of those even NOT so great moments as well.

What if we decided to reflect and ponder on those good things and chose to look at this new year with clarity and clearness, focused in on becoming a better version of ourself. What would this year hold for you if anything is possible? (it IS possible, ya know?)

The past is the past, but today - well it's a brand new, glorious day of opportunity. Today matters. So how about a goal this year to do something every single day for your own personal development?

This is a year to become a better version of YOU. What will you do to make that happen?

Maybe it's deciding to read a book or two or fifteen to further your knowledge in an area of expertise? Maybe it's dedicating time to spend with loved ones - yes put that on your calendar if it's important to you - make it happen. Maybe it's serving at the local church?

The whole idea that we get to the end of 12 months again is that we lived each moment and lived them well - that we made a difference. That we had gratitude daily. That we did our best and asked for forgiveness where we fell short. That we worked on ourself daily. That we loved our neighbor as ourself and showed respected to others. That we we chose to be last and not first. To serve and not be served.

WHAT IF is a question I want you to ask yourself... What if this year could be anything - WHAT IF ____________________________________________________________.

Fill in that blank with what you really want to do in 2017 and let me know when it happens! Im believing in great things for you.

May 2017 bring you abundant blessings and a happy, healthy year of personal growth that you may return in 12 months a changed person.