Nothing is more powerful in that moment...

Nothing is more powerful in that moment...

Have you ever been stuck in a moment? A powerful moment that you want to relive over and over. Maybe it was a moment of accomplishment. A moment of realizing a life lesson that made you feel proud. Maybe it was the moment you forgave someone and decided to not allow anything or anyone to hold you back.

Maybe it was the moment you had the fondest memory of a loved one, or someone you cherish. Maybe it was music that moved you and you are just in the midst of it, basking in it's glory and wanting to hang out a bit longer. A moment of peace. A moment of intense joy and appreciation. Maybe it was a moment of praise to your creator that gave you hope.

Whatever the thing is that got you there doesn't really matter in this moment - it just being in that moment, allowing it to happen, and hanging out there for a moment to feel how lovely it feels. In that moment you have peace. You have joy and gratitude. You can breathe.

Choosing to feel and be in that moment and all it has to offer is priceless, and if you're not careful, the busy world will sweep you away from moments like these.

I opened a lovely journal this past week and this page stared back at me and I want to share it with you because it was days after I read this that I had a Moment to allow myself to be truly affected by it.

"Nothing is more powerful than allowing yourself to truly be affected by things. Whether it's a song, a stranger, a mountain, a raindrop, a tea kettle, an article, a sentence, a footstep. Feel it ALL - look around you. ALL of this is for you. Take it and have Gratitude. Give it and feel love."

Life lessons are all around us to teach us. Books, things, people, nature, silence, music, anything - really, anything can be a teacher, if we quiet ourselves long enough to listen and open our minds to live and learn. To forgive. To not care what people think. To choose to be happy regardless of the situation. To realize that even hard life lessons can become a blessing.

Did you ever notice that it's always the things that money can not buy that seem to give us the most joy - the simple stuff like a smile. A hello. A hug. Listening to someone. Caring. Giving. Relationships. Heart felt worship.

True happiness comes from within and can't help but radiate on everyone it touches because it comes from the heart, and it's always simple, never complex.

May you be moved and affected by the lovely things around you. May you always be learning and seeing the beauty in the small stuff. Maybe you know your worth. May you know the one who created you. May you take the time to be in the moment and whatever comes to mind - give thanks for it.