Are we really living up to all that we are or can be?

Are we really living up to all that we are or can be?

A great question to ask ourselves, as we rush around in our busy filled life. Americans seem to do everything in a rush - we eat too fast, talk too fast, rush around from event to event, cramming in all we can fit in within daylight hours before it's time to hit the sack and get up and do it all over again.

The rat race comes to mind, and is likely a term you have heard - we, like little mice scurrying about our day in our own little maze of craziness not stopping to enjoy the simplistic beauties around us.

Can you relate?

What if there is more to life than our crazy schedules?

Life is too short to not life with Intentionality. We can learn to make wise decisions and set our schedules with the "best yes" for our lives, and sometimes the best yes is saying no and not feeling bad about it.

You realize that you have mad skills that I don't have because you are you, and I am, well me. If we don't figure out how to tap into all that we can be - it's just talent wasted. Blessings unused.

Can you imagine if a great, famous artist was too busy to take the time to paint or create and never became that famous artist that you know today. Or how about your favorite band? What if they were too busy to get together and form a band or even practice and live out their dream - to go for it - YOU would be missing out because of a talent withheld - you wouldn't be moved by their amazing musical creations because they were never created.

Don't waste your uniqueness. There is a plan for your life.

Your job does not define you. Your relationships don't define you. You are so unique and divinely created that the creator of the universe knows your name and how many hairs are on your head at this very second. You have greatness within you waiting to come out.

The way you think and the talents that you have are not by accident, no matter what has happened in the past. Today is a new day. Who can you bless today, simply by being you?