Seasons of life

As I walked on the treadmill this morning, the leaves falling from the trees, pretty much covering the ground. I became aware that the last time I wrote a blog while being inspired walking on the treadmill, it was about 3 little birds that lit on the fence. (Look it up on previous blogs "the meaning of the bird on the fence " I really liked that story.)  

Today was different.  Usually the backyard is scurrying with activity. Squirrels collecting nuts and playing from tree to tree, and birds everywhere. Today Nothing - absolutely nothing.

No movement. Not a single animal in site. Strange I thought - then I realized oh.... it's that time, the seasons are changing. Birds must be migrating and squirrels - well not sure where they are, they are always around, but such is the beginning of yet another seasons that has come and gone.

I love the fact that I live in a state that has all 4 distinct seasons. It makes me appreciate a changing seasons with gladness, to leave behind one and accept the other.

Sometimes in life, we are in a season.  Maybe it's not a good one, one that we are ready to move on from. Maybe it's a great one and we want to hang on to it. One things is sure, the seasons change.

What is now will not always be.  That alone is cause for giving thanks in the here and now, but also knowing that in a bad season,  a new one approaches. 

I pondered a few thoughts about change as I kept pace on the treadmill, humming along to the new Hillsong Worship Album (just released - it's awesome) then I hopped off the treadmill and moved onto the next machine.

As my foot stepped onto the pedal of this other machine, I noticed that it set higher in the air than the treadmill and actually as I took the first step -  I immediately saw what I didn't see at all before - squirrels. Running, playing and hopping tree to tree and birds - bunches of them scurrying around.

Ever have one of those magical moments of insight? This was one of those moments. 

Higher ground changed the view. Sometimes we just need to get to higher ground to see what was there all along. We need to expand our vision higher than our own and remember that his ways ARE higher than our own understanding and enough to cover any season we are in - just keep pace, keep walking - keep on keeping on.

Sometimes we need to embrace the new season we are in and be grateful, remembering the one we are passing from. If we could just expand our vision to higher ground and realize that every season is like a stepping stone to the next.