Sometimes a simple thanks is in order - Thank you PILOTS of the world.

Sometimes a simple thanks is in order - Thank you PILOTS of the world.

Do you ever randomly thank people in your life that you come in contact with maybe daily or even on special occasions.  I mean - everyone loves to be told they matter and job well done.

My thanks today is to airline pilots across the world. 

Every time I take a flight, the moment the wheels screech to the ground, the first words out of my mouth are thank you Lord (for bringing me somewhere safely) and the second words are thank you to the pilots - ok there may be some senseless chatter in-between the first words and the second words, so technically it may not be the 2nd words out of my mouth but still, you get the idea - Im grateful.

A simple thank you!  Sometimes I can't get to the actual pilot, so my thank you goes to the crew, but on occasion when I see the pilot, I say Thank you with a smile.  Im not sure they understand the heartfelt thanks behind it - a simple thank you for doing your job well, for getting everyone to their destination safely to go about their business, be it business or pleasure.

Thanks for flying me to the next state or far away states. Thanks for flying my kiddo safely half way around the world. Thanks for fun trips - for business trips. Thank you Pilots of the world. 

Thank you to my Dad, an amazing pilot himself who flies countless people free of charge who can't afford to get to a location to receive medical attention they need through an organization called Angel Flight. 

Thank you Pilots! Please feel free to share with a pilot you know and tell them thank you!