A Mother's Love

I believe having children expands our ability to love unconditionally.

The heart of women (I believe because of our divine makeup), is gentle and our love spreads unconditionally and equally across ALL of our children, no matter how many we have, and I love that.

Women are natural nurturers - some more than others.

Ok, so, its not always perfect and you may not feel lovey dovey at all times - I hear ya, there are times we want to ______ our children ....  we will just leave that fill in the blank word to your imagination.

Kids are not perfect and by golly, neither are we. I didn't say you wouldn't be disappointment as a mom, make mistakes, be frustrated or even short tempered at times, but Moms - you are amazing and your love is quite different than any other.

For those of you with more than 1 kiddo - you get it.  That first baby comes along and is the greatest thing on the face of the earth (until those terrible 2's hit - but that's another story) and then you are not sure you can love another - then along comes the "other" and you are flooded with Love. Love. Love.

I don't know any other relationship that could be truer than the love of a mother.   The love of a mother towards her children is something special and unique. It loves no matter what. It believes. It hopes. IT is beautiful. It instills confidence. It empowers.

Wait wait wait you say.  I did not have a good parental role what now? First my heart goes out to you, but I want you to know that you are deeply loved. I believe there are people in your life that can be that person to show you love if you are open to receiving it.

We must love ourself to love others truly and sometimes that is downright hard to do, especially when baggage is involved.

The greatest reminder of this true kind of love is Jesus himself who first loved you (unconditionally). He knit you in your  mothers womb - whether you were planned or not - have a loving mother or not. Yes YOU, and yes ME.

Even if it were just the 2 of us - he would have taken the same path. Even if there was just one of us - and that one was you....he would have done it for you.

What did he do you say? He gave his life so that we could be free, so that we could live, so that we could experience grace, mercy and forgiveness and feel true love direct from the source, and so much more.

Choose to love and be loved. Choose to lift up and be lifted. Choose to encourage and be encouraged. Find the good in yourself and others - even if you have to dig deep to find it. Know that you are loved. Hold your head high. Get your hopes up. Love like there is no tomorrow.