I met an angel. Her name was Rachel

Yes was - her name was Rachel. She is a true angel now. But then, well our paths were destined to cross, I can see it now. Funny how that works, hindsight looking back.

In the depth of a conversation that spring day, it caused us both to respect, love and stretch each other - it was in that intense moment that something special was forged between us. A deep bond that neither of us expected or could explain. A trust that went well beyond human understanding.

That day, we left on the table the possibly dark things that lead her to this place, things from past, formed long ago. Things I was not fully aware of, and didn't need to be. It was not the time to deal with such issues. It was time to move forward, and anyone that had eyes to see, or ears to hear could surely notice she was transforming into her truest self. While the conversation was too painful to carry on, it stopped, but the bond grew from that very awkward moment where it all first began.

I saw a girl who was beautiful, amazing, gentle and kind. She was silently strong. Her accent was intriguing. She could say anything and sound so lovely - she was lovely. She was driven to help others. She wanted to write a book and had the words tucked within her heart. She had goals and dreams still locked in her head, yet each day, emerging more and more into realities.

I was on the other side of the world here in the USA, and she across the oceans deep, settled in the UK. What odds had to have happened for us to unite through a coaching program that brought us together, and all in the hopes of educating us both on our passions of helping others. People can be worlds apart, yet as human beings, so utterly close.

Hebrews 13:1-2 comes to mind, Passion translation "No matter what, make room in your heart to love every believer. And show hospitality to strangers, for they may be angels from God showing up as your guests."

I smile now, thinking of sweet Rachel. That's what I fondly called her. Hello sweet Rachel..... I would start our conversations.

Our friendship and encouragement towards one another went back and forth for years, although I would never again audibly hear her stunning voice. As news arose of her illness, I lifted dear Rachel in prayer.

One morning, sitting in my favorite place, gazing out the window upon the beautiful God painted landscape in front of me, sweet Rachel came to mind. I journaled that day about Rachel. God had spoken to me that he will take good care of my sweet friend Rachel. That he would hold her in his hands, embraced in his arms. She would be cared for. She is in my presence is what I wrote in the journal that day, tears welling up in my eye.

How can one care so much for someone they haven't even met. I knew no matter the outcome in this world - sweet Rachel would be just fine.

This angel who I had never physically met before had made such an impact on my life just being herself. She didn't seek out anything special, she just was. She embraced her heartache and looked to the one who created her to mend her up until the very end. And oh he did. Not what we might have thought, but still in the best place for her, in his presence.

The overwhelming peace that I felt that day when I thought of dear Rachel made the tears turn into smiles. Joy and peace filled the room. Rachel brings about happy thoughts. She was about overcoming. She was about moving forward. She was about helping others.

I think of her often. Fond memories in my heart. Dearest Rachel with her angel wings, beautifully by his side. Yep I met an angel, Im sure of it. Her name was Rachael and she blessed my life with her presence.