What or Who do you believe in?

This is not about christianity or religion - this is about you believing in someone or for something when everyone else thinks its impossible. The mind is a powerful thing.

Believe in -  as in to help set forth a vision of what is possible.

I see it this way - many times, people just need someone to believe in them or with them for something - a job or opportunity, healing, positive relationships, dreams, goals or aspirations for life.

Was there anything in your life that you really wanted to do or be and because of lacking belief in yourself, or not having received any positive confirmations from those around you, you just never did it? You compromised. You settled.

Guess what - I know TONS of people in this boat. Doing a job they hate with a hidden passion behind it - it makes me think of one of the TV talent shows where the guy is auditioning (finally) with an incredibly amazing voice but has never sang other than at home; he  instead is working in a factory - you get the idea. Talent unused. Lacking of confidence and unaware of how amazing they are.

Do you have (or know) a child who has some audacious dream or goal and everyone is laughing at it as if it could never be a reality - simply because they are young or probably more likely because the person giving the advice has a limited belief themselves that they want to pass onto you....hmmmm changes your perspective huh? 

Tip: Filter the words spoken to you and choose to either accept them or NOT as  words of truth. I have heard words spoken to me in the past that I didn't believe so I let them pass right through my head as I repeated - "maybe for you but NOT for me - your lack of belief or confidence will not hinder mine."

So why not YOU  - you could be the one who believes in someone - the one who slips in a small word of confidence or affirmation. Instilling belief and confidence in someone is a treasured gift in this world of cynical negativity where people almost look for you to fail. (Behind your back of course).

Here's what you have to do: Believe in yourself first so that you can believe in others - kind of like you have to love yourself to really be vulnerable to love others. It could be a process, and likely so to believe in yourself - for me it was a process that started with personal development. 

Thoughts to ponder this week - What do I believe in and who can I invest in this week that could have a positive impact? Then do just that.