Tithe - your thoughts?

First of all -  the church in this photo is amazing beautiful - it was taken in Australia and that's my daughter standing in front. Our church in the states looks nothing like this, which is irrevalant to anything I will write in this article, but you can wonder in awe with me at the simple beauty of things in this world  like this beautiful building, to the wonders of nature to life itself. Life is a miracle and we should cherish every second of every day, whether we feel like it or not. 

So tithe - what are YOUR thoughts on giving? With money tight, and people too busy for their own good, I can totally see how it would be hard to give up of your time OR money.  The definition of the word tithe is (/ˈtaɪð/; from Old English: teogoþa "tenth") one-tenth part of something, paid as a contribution.

One tenth of something. Definitely should be your money - I am a believer in tithing because God is so very good and that's what is asked of us - heck you blow 10% on non sense - why not invest it into things that matter. Guess what - he doesn't need your money, but money does help local churches and ministries. It's more about obedience and faith. A great goal to strive for is to make more money so you can give more. A grateful heart brings much joy.

However, if it's to give something - I think time should be included.  Can you serve a fellow man or woman? Volunteer your time? Help a friend in need - it may be something physical, (help someone move into their new home or spiritual (pray with or for someone) or just being a friend who listens in a time of need. Spend time with your own children or family - not the kind where the cell phone is glued to your hip - the kind where you put everything aside and relate.

I will end with this - a comment from my daughter: 

"I always know in any city I go to -  there is a {Catholic} Church with it's doors open, waiting to be discovered, and waiting to leave me in awe of its beauty. And, I am always left with three thoughts in mind:

  • Strive to  be a part of a local Church that has the same reputation for always being open to all people. No matter the denomination, I think it's an exceptional representation of the love and acceptance to all people shown by Jesus. If someone visits my city, I want them to know the doors are always open.
  • Always be reminded  that God is with his people, no matter the name of the Church, we are all his bride.
  • If you have an opportunity, sow an offering, even if it is only a few cents. Because, hey, we are all one family and if we're not in this together, then we're not really in this."

So tithe - to do or not to do.... That is YOUR decision and a heart decision at that -  but we say YES, amen and hallelujah.