What's on your reading list?

Tell me you have one. Personal development is one of the best things you can do to invest in yourself.

I know it sounds a little silly, trust me, I used to snicker when everyone talked with delight about the books they were reading and how it was changing them.

"Im not much of a reader" I would think to myself. Yet, my friends would speak of this "personal development" that was taking place within and changing who they were and all for the better. It almost seemed like some magical place that I wasn't sure I wanted to commit and go that path or not.

Did I have enough time to read? Would I really learn anything? Would I finish what I started? - all thoughts that raced through my mind over just picking up a silly book.

Intrigue got me. I started my first book. (It was probably a book someone had given me years before that collected dust on the shelf until this point).  WOW some good stuff! Then I grabbed the next book and the next and over decades had added personal development into my life.   It's actually what I would tell you changed my life.

I can't say I always did it by the "book" {pun intended} ... meaning I wasn't always consistent over those decades with so many pages or books a day, a month or even a year that I would read, but I at least kept coming back to them. Sometimes it was a book a month, and other times a book a year.

Interesting fact:  The year I decided to read a LOT of books was also the year I replaced my corporate salary in my side network marketing business.  Coincidence? I think not.

Here's the catch - books can change your life, your mindset,  your vision, if you simply read them. Its like borrowing the minds of great leaders, authors and  experts.  So grab a book and get started.  

My favorite books at the moment and what our team is or has currently read.  One Word that will change your life, Think and Grow Rich and The Little Black Book of Connections.

Enjoy your personal development journey - would love to hear feedback on your favorite books and how they have impacted you.