Living in your strength

We all have things that we are naturally good at - call it our talents - you know, just you being you in your natural state. It's the things that makes you tick.

Some of us are funny, and some not so.  Some are drawn to  the love of books, others to sports - whatever your talent,  embrace it and experience all life has for you.....  or depending on how you look at it, all that you have to give others through your life, talents and strengths.

So how do you live in your strengths? A great place to start is being aware what you are good at and naturally drawn to. 

Why live in our strength zone? Because we are already strong in those areas without having to do anything additional.

These days it seems mundane is majority - with your talent and strengths - heck, you can conquer the world. You do realize anything you want to do in life,  no matter how outlandish someone tells you it is, can be possible.

Live and learn. Through every situation we become more wise and more educated, or so I would like to think  (if we learn from our mistakes).  Here's what I've found.

  • You're never done learning - ever. Never stop searching, discovering and learning new things and never stops dreaming and living towards your goals.
  • Embrace risk and live in your passion, your strength and your natural God given talent zone. Ask yourself: What makes me passionate and feel fulfilled? and more importantly am I living it out? (I know a LOT of people who hate their job and realize it's not a passion or a strength. Why NOT change? Are we ever too old to begin something new or live out a dream tucked away? I think not.)
  • Life is more than just existing - it's about living and living in expectance of good things - of miraculous things.
  • It's important to enjoy the journey.

I hope you discover your strengths and are able to live them out and do what you love in this amazing life of yours.

Ill close with this: I remember hearing a story of a man with an amazing voice - stressing the word amazing. (Imagine an army of angels in heaven singing a wonderful melody - ok now you get the idea). Amazing, yet because he was overweight and  lacked confidence, he worked in a factory doing a job anyone could do and never shared this amazing talent of his with anyone.

UNTIL one day... ( I hope that if you haven't experienced this ONE DAY breakthrough - that yours is coming soon.) One day he decided enough - he was going to share it with the world. He stepped into fear and the possibility of rejection - and sang his heart out for the world and his life was changed forever.  He came into his calling - into living in his talent and strength and gained more than can be expresses that day from the simple step of stepping out of his comfort zone.

Living in your strength is empowering, not draining. It's fulfilling and rewarding, not dull and mundane. Ask yourself - why not me and why not now?