In the dumps?

Come on - everyone has been there at some point. Tell me you've never had the thought "Woe is me, life sucks or at least life is hard."

No matter what put you there, the bigger issue is that you don't stay there.

Recently while talking to a friend of mine who was indeed in the dumps through some unexpected, uncontrollable life changes,  she shared how she had nothing  left to give.

Actually - she had plenty to give. Simply her story was one of determination, strength and perseverance, whether she realized it or not.  She had been through a lot, and, well..... survived. There  is always a lesson to learn through our life experiences, especially the uncontrolled, unexpected ones. 

The truth is people can relate to you when you share your personal struggles. Life is not always grand, even for those living  a seemingly grand life. Life is good and can be amazing, and I am an advocate of finding your happy place in this life of yours, but know that there will be ups and downs  - it's normal.

Why can people relate in your struggles? Because we've all been there at one time or another, even if the exact experience is not the same;  ups and downs are simply a part of life.

Life is a continuous roller coaster. The important thing is you get up. You bounce, yet don't break.  Your are made strong through the fire so that you may share and influence another.

So if you are down, get out of the dump and celebrate this thing called life (yes that's a innuendo to Prince )  "We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life."

Stay tuned for more inspirational insights as I listen to what God puts on my heart to share with you.