Isn't it time to Unlock the chains?

Isn't it time to Unlock the chains?

"Easier said than done!" most would say. Many of us hide behind guilt, shame, unworthiness and a set of lies that we somehow have heard long enough to actually believe them as truth.

Today is a new day and I believe good things are coming your way. I believe chains can and will be broken. Marriages restored. New opportunities on the rise. Your future is bright - the question is - do YOU believe it?

I can hear you now....BUT..... but you don't know about this...but this ....but that..... but it's been this way for as long as I can remember....but.....

LOSE the BUT's and you will find your life expanding into awesomeness. Anyone can say BUT..... and fill in the blank of how they are settling, one excuse after another.

It takes true courage to take responsibility for our own life and choices, and decide that you will start anew today.

Repeat after me: Today is a brand new day - a day filled with miracles and good things coming my way.

God is good always and forever - lest you ever forget. You are forgiven. You are a child of the most high. He calls you a son or daughter. It's time the chains stop dragging you around - wouldn't you agree? Technically, the lock has been broken for some time, yet you still wear it as if it were fully functioning. Or if it's locked or you think it is - realizing that YOU hold the key in your hand. Step out in faith and see what is possible.

Need additional help? Have you ever considered hiring a COACH? A coach is simply someone that comes alongside you with support. He/She listens and empowers you not by telling you what to do, but my helping unveil dreams, visions and goals in your life - pretty cool! Im learning more about this - stay tuned! Exciting things ahead.