Wake up. Be Grateful.

Some days we need this simple reminder. The fact that we did wake up for another day is cause alone to remind us to extend gratefulness into our day.

I get it - you don't feel like it. You had a day from you know where, the kind where NOTHING is going your way. I know - I feel your pain - been there, done that, but still - you are here, and I am glad. SMILE and just take a deep breath - yes right now. Close your eyes and listen to life around you, or maybe even dive into the silence and find it healing.

Ask for peace. Ask for widsom. Ask for what you need - whatever it is - healing, patience, forgiveness - there is nothing out of lines to ask for with a grateful heart.

If we are indeed children of God, I would imagine in tough times that our father would embrace us even more so with loving and open arms, full of compassion and ready to show massive, unconditional love. Embrace it.

This too shall pass my friend. Better days are ahead. For you and your life, I am grateful.