Tell-tale signs - where does my money go?

Where does my money go? Let me give you a hint - Where your time and moneygo - there also lies your priorities.

Very simply stated, what we deem important to us, we make time for, and we allot money to spend in those same areas.  

Nothing happens by accident, it takes being intentional. We could use this to apply to many circumstance in our life.

Have you ever said "I don't have the money (or time) for _____________  (fill in the blank) and it seemed like a true response at the time, but lets say the next day your car gets a flat tire - you somehow come up with that same money that you weren't willing to spend a day before.  The tire is now a priority because you can't go anywhere without your car - so you figure it out.  

This applies to your time as well - lets say a family emergency arises - you immediately take the time off from work to be where you need to be with family, but you weren't willing to spend quality time before the crisis made you change a priority.

Makes one ponder - what really is important in life anyway. Why do we give of ourselves so much to causes that in the end, don't really make  a difference in or for anything.  I can tell things that do make a difference - relationships, making a difference for someone else, knowing the creator, using your unique talents, giving back and living an authentic life - or summed up in a few words: Be Happy, Healthy & Whole.

If we operated in that mode more often of being intentional and not waiting until something forces us into acting - amazing things could be accomplished. Simply making priorities  - well  - priority. I know it's hard to do in this busy life we lead - but it can be life changing. 

In the industry of health and wellness, I often see people who say essentially  "I can 't afford health" and they are stating it as they  drive through an over priced coffee shop, placing a Venti Vanilla Latte order with a side of sugar - you get the point - PRIORITY.  

If it is important to us - we will make the time or allot the money,  and if not, we make excuses and wait until a circumstance forces us to change.

So where does YOUR money go? Evaluate that question and you will find out your priorities.

Stay tuned. A new look and new website coming soon. My goals is to inspire and empower you to live a life fulfilled and live in your full potential. Hang with me..... great, exciting things ahead.