Financial Freedom

I would jump for joy too! Being Financially Free is a prized carrot dangling in front of us as a level of true achievement and ultimate success.

While there are many ways to go about earning your fortune, keep in mind if you make it to the top and have tarnished all relationships climbing that corporate ladder or building thus said fortune,  life at the top will be pretty meaningless and quite miserable. Money does not buy happiness. 

I was lucky enough to be introduced to network marketing in the early 2000's and it changed my way of thinking of HOW we earn income and what we invest our time and money in.  I learned about leverage and residual income, which turned out to be a pretty smart option for this average Joe kinda gal to invest in. Made sense -  creating wealth through an additional stream of income leveraging time and money. ( I would go on to replace my corporate income in 24 months building alongside my regular job using this method.)

There are numerous options out there to build wealth if you keep your options and mind open,  some definitely smarter business models than others.

It's been said that who you are will determine what you make, so developing ourself increases our earning potential. It's also been said to strive to become a millionaire, not for the money, but for the person you will become in the process.

The richest people I know are the most generous, giving souls I know as well - coincidence? I doubt it.

So lets look at a few stats that are downright depressing:

  • The average American savings account balance is $3,950.00 - yikes.
  • 40% of working Americans are not saving for retirement. Another yikes.
  • 25% of American families have no savings at all. You get it - yikes.
  • The average American household debt $117,951. Keeping up with the Jones' credit card and other debt triple yikes.
  • 24% of American workers postponed their retirement age this year because of guess what.....not enough money!

Do you keep your options open? Closed minded people aren't open to great ideas or opportunities. There's  a saying that great opportunities don't come along often, when they do grab them or maybe you've heard when opportunity knocks - open the doors.  Become a risk taker, even a calculated risk taker , but you have to think outside the box if you are to become financially free.

I love the idea of pull vs push marketing - let me explain. In the past - people used push marketing to literally push you into something - an opportunity, a product purchase, sale of a product or good with pushy sales tactics.

Today it's all about pull marketing which is adding value and offer solutions that average people can do and use  without having to push or use old school sales techniques. When you help with an attitude of gratitude instead of wanting something in return,  people are naturally pulled into you and your business - they seek you out. The law of attraction begins to work.

My suggestions for wealth - Be content right now where you are while you strive to reach that carrot of financial freedom and don't forget about the people and things around you that are important.  Be the best in what you do. Work in your strengths and natural talents. Give it your all and do what you love and most important - enjoy the process and the journey. When you make it to financial freedom you will realize the journey was the best part, but also the most difficult.

Want more info about being an entrepreneur? Just send me a message and request it and I will rent a documentary and send the link out for you to watch (72 hour rental) to see if it's for you. As for me - I love where I am at the moment - you can take a pique any time.

Stay tuned - more inspiring, empowering thoughts to help you live a authentic, fulfilled life.