How good are you at scheduling your time?

How good are you at scheduling your time?

Lets be honest here - there are a bazillion things that can keep us from being productive in our day, and those things range from distractions from our children, spouse, work, social media and hello - our cell phones glued to us at all times.

Ever witness a family out to dinner and the entire family is on their cell phone? Seriously - if I could travel back in time to the 1950's I think I would - don't get me wrong - technology is amazing but it's robbing us of relationships and precious meaningful time that once gone will never be regained and stressing us out with all the obligations to be available 24/7.

Our schedules seem to control our busy lifestyles as we try to cram it all in and most end up frazzled.

So time  - how do we schedule it to keep our sanity? A few tips for the busy folks out there - are you kidding me - this is for everyone out there because everyone seems to be busy and need a little help.

  • Put it on your calender - whether it's a personal family event like the kids baseball game, a date night,  coffee with a friend or an official business meeting - put it on the calendar and treat it like an important engagement. Ok grab your cell phone.  (only if you're not driving, not eating dinner or with a family member) Start to log your personal obligations first, then your business obligations.  For me - the easiest way I've found to keep organized is to keep all my appointments in my cell phone calendar where I can easily glance at it.  (for you it may be on paper - whatever works, do it.)
  • Put the cell phone down when driving, at dinner and at family events. If you are "there" then be "there." 
  • Say NO when you have to - after all - what really is important? Put those things on your calendar.
  • Make time for what is important.  Have you always wanted to work out but never seem to find the time? You will never find the time - you have to make the time - put it in your calendar even if you have to schedule it a month out.
  • Take care of the small stuff quickly. If there are things that will only take 5-10 minutes to do - just do them. Quit putting them off - they take up space in your mind and in all reality, it will only take probably less than 5 minutes to get it done and feel accomplished.  Do the small stuff . Example could be simply responding to an email, pick up those clothes on the floor and hang them up.
  • Be flexible - things change sometimes. Assume the best and be adaptable.

Just a few simple tips that hopeful will help you be a little more organized and stress free.