What's your relationship with money?

You know - the almighty dollar. When you think of money - is it in a positive light - oh yea, the green stuff! moolah - tiz the season to be jolly, giving, cheerful and all that.

Or is your relationship with money more like the Grinch. It's green, stingy, makes you feel lacking and not so in the Holiday spirit because there's never enough of it and that's just darn right stressful.

Think of money like a relationship. Give it respect, pay it attention, nurture it and want it - it's ok to have wealth in your life.

It's not a bad thing, despite what you may have been conditioned with growing up with sayings like "money doesn't grow on trees" or "we don't have enough for that - put it back." Ok did that last one just happen to me? I think not!?

My Mom used to tell me as I eyed all the candy and fun stuff at the checkout, that I of course was begging for, (come on what child doesn't?) that I would look to her with my big brown eyes, not understanding of course how this money thing worked, and would state "Just pay a check Momma."

Now my grown up self gets it - no extra money, no extras trinkets at checkout.

So what's your experience with money? What's your thoughts and beliefs about it even when you don't have enough? (Reminding you of course, that money will never buy you happiness.)

I say lets look at money like the tool that it is. It's not just about YOU and your childish or worldly wants, it's more about the way you can play a part in the dynamics by which money can be used for the betterment of ALL things. What if you saw the bigger picture of money - more than just paying bills and getting ahead, or trinkets at the checkout stand, although you must remain tough at the checkout stand these days - the fancy, enticing lights lighting up all those goods tend to look like heaven shining down on them saying purchase me NOW.

What if the more money you have, the more you could share. Nice concept huh. Money can change the world. It can help fund ministries, feed homeless, create new ideas, jobs and business, and just bless another human beings life beyond your own.

Lets choose to think abundance instead of lack. Lets get clear on where we are and what our true beliefs about having money are and what motives are behind it all, if any.  

Remember that what you expect that you deserve, is exactly what you will get - why not set that standard high and expect to achieve it - that's where faith and abundance thinking come into play. Then you can't sit around and wait. Take action. Get a plan. Believe its possible.

"I worked for a menial's hire, only to learn, dismayed, that any wage I asked for Life, Life would have willingly paid."

Here's to abundant blessings in your life, and to understanding that giving is better than receiving.