Opportunity - Open or Closed minded?

Opportunity - Open or Closed minded?

What's the immediate reaction your brain sends you when you hear or read the word OPPORTUNITY?

Do you think - I'm OPEN - Curious - Intrigued - Hmmmm what is it?

This means you are likely open minded to ideas. These ideas may or may not be for you, but you are at least open to taking a look and deciding for yourself.

You might be a risk taker, sounds exciting huh? Even if it's a well calculated risk - being a risk taker is associated with some great, amazing things in life, wouldn't you agree? Think about it, nothing exciting and revolutionary ever happened withOUT risk, action, ambition or some open mindedness.

On the other side of things, do you automatically think gimmick, scheme, nope, too good to be true, dreams never come true, I'm good or other thoughts like this when you hear the word Opportunity .....well - ummm you might be closed minded and possibly missing opportunities all around you.

If you find yourself in the latter group, consider this - You will never know IF something brighter is ahead for you, whether it's a new position, new relationship or new entrepreneurial opportunity - if you don't take a look or ponder "what if" and if you never ask, try or belief it to be possible, you stay exactly where you are. Gulp. Is that where you want to be? Is that good enough for you? Hey it's your life, not mine - it may be OK for you, who's to say, only you - Im just facilitating the opportunity for you to think about it.

There's always a new day, it's never too late, there's always a perfect time to look, start or investigate at a minimum, those "what if" ideas.

What if I started my own business. What if I could provide more than enough for my family. What if I could do.....or have...or be.... What if.

If time and money were no object, what would you really do and be in life - it's that kind of thought process to dig deep within and find our purpose, to dare to dream, and then live out those dreams that gets me excited.

Our Job, fear, immediate comfort and complacency have a tendency to hold us prisoner to mediocrity for too much of our lives, at least that was the case for me for way too many years.

It can be an act of will to start the change, but once a closed mind is opened, it seems like flood gates of opportunity and ideas arise. Anything is possible in those moments. I want you to have one of those moments.

Still not sure what needs to change in your life? Keep looking. Pray for it, ask for wisdom and seek it like you would a golden treasure, yep a golden treasure. Those who seek.....find. Those who ask.... it is given. And of course don't forget the key - to keep an open mind.

True life change is usually not an external things, its internal. I know that's a little deep, but sometimes to unlock our full potential, that's where the key lies.

Dare to dream. Know that anything is possible. There will never be a perfect time, therefore there is never a better time than NOW to begin with those awesome, interesting life goals of yours. Lets do this!