One secret to success you must know

Are you ready for it.... Wait - come on. Seriously, don't we wish there was just one simple little secret to success that once we figured it out, would catapult our life and career.

Well there is ONE - sort of, and here it is: The ONE secret to success is that there IS NO Secret to success.

It takes courage, balls, guts, and a willingness to risk it all. It takes you taking action to make things happen. It takes responsibility. It takes being intentional. It likely takes you not caring what other people think about you. You can't sit back while you wish and wait for change to come about. It takes a leap of faith and a willingness to try and possibly fall flat on your face or even, gasp, completely fail. Guess what - if you can look up you can get up, and when you get up you will likely have gained a bit more confidence to try again, as you learn from your mistakes.

Many people try and fail, and to you I say congrats! It's better to try and fail than to regret and never take a chance. Anything worthwhile usually has a form of risk involved, along with some dedication, or lets be real here - blood, sweat and tears. You are invested. You do not take NO for an answer. You make things happen. You live and you learn. You take a step forward. You dare to dream. You believe somehow and someway that it is possible, because it IS.

Some of you might be saying, "Well what do I do now that I know there is NO secret?" Take a deep breath and know that you have deep within you all that you need to succeed - lets just increase your faith and belief in that statement. Dive into some personal development so your belief system can change and develop. Get out of your comfort zone and get a plan. Take a baby step. Talk with someone you trust. Consider hiring a life coach. Get some accountability and go for it. You got this! Life can be anything you make it.

The secret to success lies within YOU and you're totally awesome.