Career or Family?

I never wanted to stay home with my kids. Yikes! Can I say that. 

I love my children dearly - I just never had the desire to stay home full time with them, which is actually a much harder job than being in the outside business world.

Know any stay at home Moms? Give them some love! Show them a random act of kindness - they are true super hero's.

I must say that I enjoyed having a career and earning an income that I could stand alone on.  It gave me confidence and independence.

I know plenty of stay at home Moms (and Dads) for that matter, that say being the stay at home parent is way more rewarding than any career ever could be.

What I came to love was balance.  Too far in either direction is not a good place to be in. The longer I worked my "job" the more I started to notice in myself areas of discontentment, and it wasn't just with the option to have a successful career or stay at home with the kids, it expanded into so much more.

I wanted more out of life - more income (who doesn't) and  more time freedom that would basically allow me to spend my time how I wanted to spend it.  

I remembering thinking one day, "I think I might be in what people call the "Rat Race!" That's when I started to look at options. (Ironically that's when I joined network marketing - a whole others story about how I replaced my corporate income in 24 months while balancing home life, a career in corporate america and built a team in network marketing.)

I say whatever you choose - do it with gratitude and joy. I can't say for you what path to choose no more than you could for me, but I know that deep down there is likely a voice within you that desires for one or the other,  or like me - a balance of both - and no matter where you are in the midst of it -  learn to enjoy the moment, along with the journey.